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Drone Distractor

Client called to convey that an adversary was utilizing a operational video drone to retrieve unwarranted video of a company's management meetings in an exclusive area of California.  John and a colleague tailed the suspected drone operator over 100 miles to a location about 1/2 mile from the company's function.  The suspect was then observed, and video-ed, launching his drone and sending it in the direction of the company function.

Overseas loot

A European-based client sought to track possible liquid assets of an Eastern European businessman in order to satisfy

a large foreign Court judgment.  After receiving details on the person of interest, our efforts culminated in the discovery of an

account, domiciled in the US, containing over $700 million.

Hollywood "Hello"

Tasked to serve a "confidential" filing from Superior Court on a popular movie celebrity while he was on a movie shoot in the Los Angeles area, this assignment was filled with obstacles and potential pitfalls.  The primary task was to identify and located the star's personal trailer on the set, filmed at various locations around Los Angeles County.  Once this was known, the vehicle that the star was transported in became the next order of business.  Eventually, after a few days of observation, the movie star was served, in stop and go traffic, on Hollywood Blvd., while waiting  at a red light. 

The Consul General

A pressing matter arose involving the Los Angeles-based Consul General for a Middle East power.  There was a major litigation dispute occurring in a Washington DC Court jurisdiction, and the Consul General for that country, operating out of Los Angeles, needed to be served in order for him to make an appearance on the case.  After isolating and observing his residence, his routine became known, his office hours too.

At the right time, a scenario gaining entrance into the country's consulate was put in place and the Consul General was served with the papers for his appearance.

Tracking the Package

A mail order business, operating out of a PO Box located in a popular shopping mall, was using the same exact trade name used by an insurance company for senior care coverage.  Their law firm, said they needed to identify and locate the business' principals so that a "Cease and Desist" letter could be served on them to have them refrain from using the trademarked name.

A unique package was sent to the known PO Box from the same town to increase the chance of delivery by the next day.   The following day, the package was seen being unloaded by the US Postal Service deliveryman.  The entrance to the business center was watched and a colleague was ready to roll in the parking lot.  Two young men were observed retrieving the PO Box' mail, they were tailed to a residence approximately 4 miles away.

The "Cease and Desist"  was served later that day.  

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