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Client Testimonials:  What's our Reputation?

While our claims are rooted in the successes of the past, read the testaments of our established clients to judge for yourself our office’s reputation for delivering quality investigative service. Our clientele has been the primary source of new business and opportunity for our firm. Here are some recent comments our clients have relayed to us about our involvement in their casework:

John is a trusted, well-connected contact to our international consulting firm. His participation in our office’s assignments have provided us with effective support, multiplied our capabilities, and enhanced our client’s decision-making.

Larry O’Brien, Corporate Investigator

John’s office has been a valued contractor to our international firm for 15 years. Their size is an advantage in many pressing, high profile situations where inquiries from our company could have blown a deal in progress.

Luke Johnson, Corporate Investigator

I have seen Hernandez Investigations & Research grow over the years and develop into a respectable, dynamic operation. I don’t hesitate in calling John’s office to assist when my casework demands it.

David Perticone, Investigator

I have used John’s office for a variety of business situations. The money it costs to learn and understand my adversary was money spent legitimizing deals and creating options for my business.

Douglas Frazier, Businessman

John’s proven himself to be a well-connected, effective resource tool for our firm.

Peter Roan, Attorney

Knowing John gives me access to all types of sources — he’s my eye to information.

Kelly Warren, Attorney

John has quite an information arsenal to develop what he needs — I wouldn’t want him on my opponents’ side.

Tony Sears, Attorney

John’s performance has enabled us to develop an on-going relationship with his business. There’s not much he can’t handle.

Scott Jenstad, Corporate Investigator

John’s methods are as ingenious as those who actually commit fraud. He’s resourceful and effective.

Tim B. Smith, Investigator

John’s efforts made our case. Absolutely brilliant!

Andrew Wordsworth, Investigator in London, England

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