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"Your Eye to Information"                                                               John Hernandez

Assisting Clients with Strategic and Tactical information

Hernandez Investigations & Research provides investigative research to a wide variety of clientele and in diverse circumstances. Our domestic and international capabilities are utilized by the world of business and law professionals nationwide. The bulk of our assignments cover the following operational areas:

  • Asset Discovery
  • Background Work-Ups
  • Complex Litigation Support
  • Evasive Service of Court Process
  • Public Records Research
  • Counterfeit Merchandise
  • Adversary Evaluation
  • Fraud
  • Workplace Disputes
  • Other Additional Services According to the Clients’ Needs

Why Choose Us

With extensive experience covering more than 30 years in the field, HI&R provides its clients with the confidence that their challenge or dilemma has already been addressed to a successful conclusion from the cold cases handled by our office. With countless resources to develop information, our team is well-positioned to address the casework you have, no matter the context.

HI&R maintains a large network throughout the country to assist with assignments located outside our immediate area of operation. This network provides access to numerous capabilities for sensitive information requests to supplement casework demands.

Our Company History

The business developed a core group of law firms and corporate clients who sought to construct a reliable conduit of information for their casework of due diligence investigations- this occurring during the merger and acquisition mania of the late 1980s.

After the dust had cleared from the corporate consolidations of the late 1980s, HI&R's practice was inundated with casework from the financial disaster of the savings and loan situation of the late 1980s and early 1990s. Financial institutions, led by their management and questionable ownership structures, were caught arranging loans to personal and business intimates. These "sweet-heart" deals were similar in one primary regard: the parties never anticipated having to pay the money back, with government guarantees in place.

These two major events in the financial history of the country were responsible for providing our office with a substantial portion of our casework in its business’ formative years.

Today, our office involves itself with numerous clients seeking an assortment of information based services. Our efforts are instrumental in complementing law firm support staffs, businesses at the crossroads of decision-making, dealmakers pursuing tactical advantage, and creditors seeking monetary recovery. When information is a scarce commodity, our office can become a valuable asset in correcting that shortfall.

John Hernandez, Private Investigator

Our company founder, John Hernandez, is skilled in the investigative research aspect of the investigations industry. Since 1986, he has directed and played lead roles in cases pertaining to numerous situations based on client demand such as:

  • Civil Fraud
  • Counterfeit Merchandise and Gray Goods
  • Trial/Arbitration Discovery
  • Major Debt Contests and Collections
  • Adversary Evaluations
  • Real Estate and Mortgage Fraud
  • Environmental Liability Litigation
  • Securities/Asset uncertainty
  • Political Research
  • Litigation Research
  • Evasive Service of Process
  • Corporate fraud

Operating out of the geographic area of southern California since 1986, John has fostered a national network of clients who rely on him to conduct their investigative support functions on the West Coast and throughout the country.  Ove the course of his career, John has become a valued resource for many private investigators, law firms, businesses, and private parties who rely on him to develop pertinent and relevant information at their time of need.

While no circumstance is similar, the breadth of John's experience, his skill-set, and readily available resources aid in his ability to factor, plan, navigate then execute the path towards developing a resolution to the issue affecting our client.

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